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The FESI Bulletin

The magazine of the UK Forum for Engineering Structural Integrity

The FESI Bulletin has been created to stimulate, inform, challenge and enthuse its readers about engineering structural integrity.

What's in The FESI Bulletin?

The FESI Bulletin publishes reports and investigations relating to the safety, reliability, durability, integrity and life-time evaluations of and improvements to engineering products.

The FESI Bulletin's intention is to build the engineering knowledge base rather than present results of pure science studies. Articles in the Bulletin address all engineering disciplines and products, including their design, manufacture, monitoring systems, and lifetime assessment evaluations. Typically, articles found in The FESI Bulletin may cover current ESI issues, consideration of professional ethics, reviews, synopses of important technical issues in court cases, case studies, requirements for modifications to and explanations of complex issues in Standards and Codes of Practice, and finally, the development of engineering techniques to improve the safety and integrity of plant

Who is The FESI Bulletin for?

Primarily intended for those working in engineering structural integrity, and at the interface of engineering, public utilities, legal and insurance companies and in academia or industry, The FESI Bulletin will also be of interest to anyone who would like to know more about this exciting, constantly-evolving field, whether or not s/he has an engineering background. It is relevant for anyone who wishes to explore the economic, social and professional impact of ESI.

Who writes for The FESI Bulletin?

Contributors to the magazine comprise world-class representatives from all sectors of industry including many renowned research centres.

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To be included on The FESI Bulletin's electronic mailing list, please email fesi@fesi.org.uk

Contribute to The FESI Bulletin

The editors welcome contributions to The FESI Bulletin. If you would like to have an article or academic paper on the subject of engineering structural integrity considered for publication, please email it to fesi@fesi.org.uk in the first instance.

Contact The FESI Bulletin

You may also wish to take advantage of our feature, Letters to the Editor, in every issue of The FESI Bulletin. Please send your letters to fesi@fesi.org.uk As is usually the case, the editor's decision is final.


Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol.12 Issue 1 Spring 2018: pdf

Inside this issue :

  • National Structural Integrity Research Centre: Fast-Tracking Innovation Through Industry-Led Research
  • Some Comparisons of the French RSE-M and UK R6 Defect Assessment Methods Structural Integrity
  • Challenges Related to Long-Term Operation
  • Events: The What's On Listing



Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol.11 Issue 2 Autumn 2017: pdf

Inside this issue :

  • Application of Continuum Damage Mechanics to Power Plant Steels: Report from the Expert Workshop
  • TAGSI-FESI Symposium 2018
  • SINO-UK Workshop on Engineering Structural Integrity: Reports
  • Numerical Simulation of Battelle Piping System Test Under Cyclic Loading
  • Structural Integrity Issues Associated with Polymeric-Matrix Fibre-Composites and Adhesive Joints Under Cyclic Fatigue Loadings
  • In-situ Observation and Numerical Modelling of Crack-inclusion Interaction Behaviour under Cyclic Loading
  • Events: The What's On Listing




Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol.11 No 1 Spring 2017: pdf

Inside this issue :

  • ESIA14 + ISSI-2017 Conference Programme
  • Proactive Structural Health Monitoring
  • Report from FESI CPD Worksop: Structural Integrity Challenges in CFRP Composites
  • High Temperature Materials and Methodology Challenges in Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors
  • Some Comparisons of the French RSE-M and UK R6 Defect Assessment Methods
  • In Memoriam: Paul Paris
  • Events: The What’s On Listing




Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol.10 No 2 Autumn 2016: pdf

Inside this issue :

  • Structural Integrity Research at Imperial College London
  • Engineering the World: Ove Arup and the Philosophy of Total Design – Exhibition at the V&A
  • Induction Healing of Concrete Reinforced by Bitumen-coated Steel Fibres
  • News & Announcements
  • Events: The What’s On Listing




Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Special Issue, Autumn 2016: pdf

Inside this issue :

  • Preface
  • Early days
  • Canada
  • USA
  • England again
  • Africa
  • Contributions to industry in South Africa
  • CAPE/FAILURES colloquia
  • CAPE/FAILURES locations
  • Recollections of Roy
    - Cliff Wells
    - Doug Marriott
    - Iain Le May
  • Obituaries
  • Compendium of Creep Assessment Tools
  • A3. Papers: FAILURES ‘96 and CAPE ’97
  • Acknowledgements



Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol.9 Issues 1 & 2 Autumn 2015: pdf

Inside this issue :

  • News & Announcements
  • Big Data, Industry 4.0 and Engineering Structural Integrity
    Norman Swindells
  • EMAS Publishing
  • Reports from FESI’s Workshops & Seminars
    -Recent Advances in R6 Fracture Research
    -Structural Integrity: The Role of Inspection and Assessment Methodologies
    -ESIA13 – Report from the closing panel discussion
  • Obituaries
  • One That Got Away: “Sound as a Bell” John Knott
  • Papers from ESIA13
    -Understanding the Mechanical Behaviour of Gilsocarbon Graphite over Multiple Length-Scales D Liu et al
    -Structural Integrity Assessment of Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations under Slippage of the Grouted Joint R Kennedy et al
    -On-line Structural Damage Feature Extraction based on Autoregressive Statistical Pattern of Time Series M-H Hu et al
  • The What’s On Events Listing

Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol.8 No.2 Autumn 2014: pdf

Inside this issue :

  • ESIA13 – Details and Call for Papers
  • Professor Mike Fitzpatrick: Leading change at the university-industry interface
  • Professor Brian Eyre: Obituary
  • Penspen: An Introduction
    Alan Chung
  • The Lloyd’s Register Foundation – Meeting Today’s Challenges
  • Sir Alan Cottrell: Bio-Verses
    John Knott
  • Asserting Failure Probability Associated with Degradation of Concrete Structures
    Bretislav Telpý, Dita Vorechovská
  • EMAS Publishing
  • Reliability of Damaged Structures
    Dan M. Frangopol, Duygu Saydam
  • Report – FESI’s Short Cracks CPD Workshop Mahmoud Mostafavi
  • News & Announcements
  • Situations Vacant
  • The What’s On Events Listing


Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol.8 No.1 Summer 2014: pdf

Inside this issue :

  • Teaching Structural Integrity to Engineers: An Integrated Approach M.E. Fitzpatrick, S. Sungor, J. Moffat
  • Fundamentals of Fracture Mechanics by Professor John Knott, OBE FRS FREng. Donated to FESI by the author. Obtain a copy.
  • The ASME Approach for the Nuclear Industry William J. O’Donnell
  • Professor Stephen J. Garwood FREng A profile of FESI’s new Director
  • The National Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) Tat-Hean Gan
  • “The Sensitised Stanzas” John Knott
  • FESI’s CPD Workshop Programme
  • News, Reviews & Announcements
  • Review – FESI’s Cold Work Repair Solutions CPD Workshop
  • Situations Vacant
  • EMAS Publishing
  • The What’s On Events Listing


Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol.7 No.2 Winter 2013: pdf

Inside this issue :

  • ESIA12: FESI’s 12th 7 International Conference on Engineering Structural Integrity - Report Mahmoud Mostafavi Site-Bond Lattice for 9 Mesoscale Fracture Modelling of Nuclear Graphite and Other Quasi- Brittle Materials Craig Morrison
  • European Structural 12 Integrity Society - Perspectives Leslie Banks-Sills
  • Fabrication and 17 Characterisation of Metal- Encapsulated Regenerated Grating Strain Sensors for Structural Integrity Monitoring of High Temperature Components Yun Tu
  • Integration of Inspection 24 with Structural Integrity Assessment Keith Newton, Peter Thayer
  • Winners of the 2013 Keith 29 Miller Awards at ESIA12
  • ESIS Update 16 James Marrow
  • “Now listen my friends and 30 you shall hear...” John Knott
  • News & Updates 2
  • Beijing’s Bird’s Nest 6 Stadium – A Superior Welded Structure Book Review by Geoff Booth
  • Situations Vacant 31
  • EMAS Publishing 32
  • Events: What’s On

Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol.7 No.1 Spring 2013: pdf

Inside this issue :

  • Sir Alan Cottrell: Fracture and Structural Integrity
    John Knott
  • Superstorm Sandy: How did it happen and are we prepared for the future?
    Malcolm J. Bowman
  • HSL’s Impact & Dynamic Test Facilities
    Mike Stewart, Phil Heyes
  • Application of Deep Hole Drilling to Measure Residual Stresses to Nuclear Plant
    David Smith
  • The University of Manchester R6 Knowledge Transfer Project
    Robert Hurlston, Andrew Sherry, John Sharples
  • RCNDE: Annual Research Review 2012
    Keith Newton
  • ‘Drift’ of Thermocouples during Creep Testing
    Malcolm S. Loveday
  • NPL’s SHM Footbridge Monitoring Project: Final Update
    Elena Barton
  • Numerical Simulations in Fracture Integrity CPD Seminar – A Review
    Mahmoud Mostafavi
  • Dr Bilal Dogan: Obituary
  • News
  • “The Miller of Blackburn”
    John Knott
  • Situations Vacant
  • FESI and the Evolution of ESI
    Brian Tomkins
  • About FESI
  • EMAS Publishing
  • Events: What’s On


Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol. 6 No. 2 : pdf

Inside this issue :

  • Celebrating 100 Years of the HSL
  • Surveillance Schemes and Nuclear
  • Power Plant
  • EU FP7 project MultiHy
  • Obituary: Professor R K Penny
  • Compendium of Creep Assessment
  • Tools
  • News
  • The Texas Crack-tip
  • Situations Vacant
  • What’s On Events Listing


Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol. 6 No. 1 : pdf


  • Sir Alan Cottrell FRS – A Tribute
  • UK Nuclear New Build, Generic Design Assessment
  • JOINT: an Indo-UK collaboration in joining technologies
  • The European Society for Structural Integrity (ESIS): An update
  • “Tapper to Tapster”
  • Impact of the Environment on Structural Integrity of Steam Turbine Blades
  • Review: Developments in Rolling Bearing Fatigue
  • Report on ESIS TC2/FESI Meeting


  • Updates, News & Views
  • Structural Health Monitoring: NPL’s Footbridge Monitoring Demonstrator
  • Reviews
  • Letters to the Editor
  • The What’s On Listing
  • Books from EMAS Publishing

Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol. 5 No. 2: pdf


  • Architecture + ESI: Part 2
    Thomas Deckker
  • ESI Update: University of Strathclyde
    James Ure
  • “Cool, Light Water”
    John Knott
  • Health monitoring of offshore wind farms
  • Application of focused ion beam milling and imaging for studying creep cavitation
    Bo Chen
  • Fracture toughness of structural materials – estimation and application: the book and its background
    Kim Wallin

Download the FESI Bulletin UKThe FESI Bulletin Vol. 5 No. 1: pdf


  • ESIA11: Conference details
  • Life Management
  • Architecture + ESI
  • Sustainable Information for ESI
  • Professional Ethics
  • NDE


  • NPL's Footbridge Monitoring Project
  • The FESI page
  • FESI CPD Events: The Open Discussions
  • EMAS Publishing Catalogue
  • What's On
  • ECF18 - Review


The FESI Bulletin Vol. 4: pdf

  • Are You an Intelligent Customer of NDE? Bernard McGrath
  • Remembering Professor Edwin `Ted' Smith
  • Safety Assurance in China Su Jun Wu
  • What is Quasi-brittle Fracture? Bushan Karihaloo
  • Book Reviews
  • FESI CPD Seminar Reports


The FESI Bulletin Vol. 3: pdf

  • Where now for Structural Integrity? Michael Burdekin
  • ESIA9 Conference Report
  • FESI CPD Seminar Reports
  • Energy: Materials and Mechanisms John Knott
  • Plant Ageing Guide Philippa Moore
  • Development of SIA Technology and Methodology in China Qun Peng Zhong

The FESI Bulletin Vol. 2: pdf

  • Railway Fatigue Failures Rod Smith
  • Professor Keith Miller Remembered
  • Comparison of Fracture Assessment Methods: HSL Report - HSL/2001/01
  • Conference and Meeting Reports

The FESI Bulletin Vol. 1: pdf

  • Catastrophic Construction Failures - How SI Helps Michael Burdekin
  • ESIA7 Conference Review John Edwards
  • The Professional Responsibility of Engineers Ian Howard and Brian Tomkins
  • Lessons Can be Learned Phil Heyes
  • Assessment Tools for SI Iain Le May and Rangaswamy Seshadri


The editors of The FESI Bulletin make every effort that the quality of this publication is of high quality. All technical papers are peer-reviewed before being accepted for publication. Nevertheless, on occasion unintentional errors may creep in, for which the editors apologise.

The publisher, editors and authors disclaim any liability in whole or in part arising from information contained in this magazine.