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Welcome to FESI


FESI - the UK Forum for Engineering Structural Integrity:
Working to assure the reliability, safety and economic viability of engineered systems, structures and components from design to end-of-life, and to reduce undesirable environmental impact.




FESI is the membership organisation for engineering structural integrity (ESI) in the UK. FESI disseminates the latest advances in ESI, promotes the exchange of ESI technologies and knowledge between industrial, regulatory, academic and professional organisations, encourages best practice in ESI, and provides a practical resource for anyone working in ESI. FESI aims to help improve the safe performance of and realise the economic potential inherent in the UK's engineering assets.

This is achieved through the organisation of CPD events, and the publication of a biannual journal, The FESI Bulletin, and textbooks through our wholly-owned subsidiary, EMAS publishing.

Increasingly, organisations are waking up to the fact that ESI's cross-industry, multi-disciplinary technologies, methodologies and practices underpin the success and safety of their current and future operations, although they may not, in the past, have regarded themselves as possessing an engineering component.

Sectors which recognise that ESI and the associated best practice makes a positive contribution to their survival range from the health, medical and healthcare industries, through architecture, construction, manufacturing, all branches of engineering and transport, to the renewable power generation, petrochemical, nuclear, and aerospace industries.

FESI's role as the UK's authority on ESI is supported and endorsed by a number of eminent and progressive organisations drawn from such sectors. These valued Sponsors acknowledge that the integration of ESI into their corporate policies has shown benefits for their development, operational safety, efficiency and sustainability. Sponsoring FESI is a way of helping to spread the positive message about ESI.

FESI is steered by a Council of distinguished ESI experts and specialists. See Who's Who in FESI.

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14th International Conference on Engineering Structural Integrity Assessment (ESIA14), in conjunction with the 2017 International Symposium on Structural Integrity (ISSI-2017) in Manchester [16-17 May 2017]
plus Workshop to Facilitate of Structural Integrity Collaboration between China and UK [18 May 2017]
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The ESIA14/ISSI-2017 joint conference provides a special opportunity to offer a vehicle for exchange of views on how to characterise, analyse, predict and assess engineering structural integrity of plant, components and structures together with buildings and infrastructure. It will allow an evaluation of progress and challenges in these areas to ensure that economic, safe and reliable operation is achieved for new design, and existing systems.

On this occasion the conference will be followed by a one day workshop designed to explore potential areas of collaboration with the Chinese delegates in areas of common interest. Oral and poster presentations will allow sufficient time for follow-up discussions, friendly debate and relaxed participation.

The Conference will be held at the Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester, United Kingdom.





The FESI Bulletin

OUT NOW: Vol.11 No 1 Spring 2017

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Download the FESI Bulletin UK

Inside this issue:


  • ESIA14 + ISSI-2017 Conference Programme
  • Proactive Structural Health Monitoring
  • Report from FESI CPD Worksop: Structural Integrity Challenges in CFRP Composites
  • High Temperature Materials and Methodology Challenges in Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors
  • Some Comparisons of the French RSE-M and UK R6 Defect Assessment Methods
  • In Memoriam: Paul Paris
  • Events: The What's On Listing